Twice as Nice because of Spice

Nate Cudney, Food Critic

IMS Cafeteria

Earlier today, I only had $2 to spend at the IMS cafeteria. I walked in and bought 1 spicy chicken. When I got to my seat I sank my teeth into the malicious spicy meat between 2 buns. It filled my taste buds with a sensation I have never had before. It had the taste of hotness and spice of hot sauce and a jalapeño. It was a salty,warm chicken flavor. It was a taste you would never forget.

The texture was like the chewy chicken breast you get at QFC. It was so malevolent that it was like eating a hi chew, not that chewy but just felt amazing when you bite into it. Even with getting braces a week ago, my teeth still dove right through the meat so easily. I was so eager to take another bite and I chewed myself right in. It might not have super powers, but it definitely made my brain and teeth love it. But with all the good things, there are bad things as well. For example the bun. Some parts were crunchy, others hard, and occasionally really chewy. Other than the bun this texture was pitch perfect.

I chomped down on a burger of great spicy chicken meat and a very crusty bun. I have lots to say but the one that tops it is… it does not go down very well. It is like trying to swallow a piece of beef jerky whole. Possible, but annoying. But when it is very chewed up it goes down easily. So, make sure not to try swallowing it with little bites. Be sure to chew a ton when you swallow. Overall the throat flow was annoying but still has some great feeling.

Overall, This piece of a spicy chicken sandwich was amazing. With the exception of the throat flow and the bun I loved this sandwich. In final grading I give this a 14/15. Please try this. It will make your day so much better. Please check out my other food ratings of Mercer Island restaurants.